I highly recommend these if you are serious about Oracle. In this page, I don’t explain everything in detail for one reason – I don’t want to copy the Oracle documentation where everything is described in the best way possible. I am trying to extract and highlight the most important information and serve them in a lucid way 🙂


– I am not fond of books in general when it comes to technical documentation. If you are serious about Oracle, turn to Oracle’s official documentation.

Web pages

Oracle’s official documentation – the best documentation about Oracle. There are no books or other sources that might explain it better than this web page.

Oracle DevGym – your daily workout routines 🙂 you can challenge yourself and check your skills here or compete with others. Highly recommended 🙂 (Oracle account required)

TechOnTheNet – Oracle Tutorials – Perfect and concise tutorials on Oracle. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can find a lot there. There is not what professionals would not know already.

Oracle’s certification – Get officially certified by Oracle and become an internationally recognized professional.

Burleson Consulting – Who wouldn’t know Burleson Consulting 🙂 Great tips, articles, and ideas from the best experts in the field

AskTom – One of the best forums ever managed by Oracle experts founded by Tom Kyte (already retired)

Online Tools

B-tree demonstration/visualization – University of San Francisco’s tool for B-tree

Live SQL testing – online environment for testing your SQL scripts (Oracle account required)

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